For complete maintenance tailored for your type of building. We master the technique.

Periodic cleaning of administrative and construction trailers to create a sane and comfortable environment.

Prevent unwanted smells, destructive animals and insects, and wear-and-tear caused by poor maintenance.

Removal of signs of vandalism that hamper your business: we have the solution.

Enjoy a clean, healthy and dirt-free indoor parking

In the midst of a health crisis, your environment deserves an even and thorough cleaning that reaches every corner.

We have the equipment and expertise to accomplish a full range of cleaning services. Learn more about these services!

Nettoyage Bien-Net,
your cleaning expert in Montréal and the surrounding areas

Nettoyage Bien-Net is a company specializing in high pressure cleaning. Our expertise is in spraying, cleaning and the maintenance of buildings. We service clients in the Greater Montreal area and its surroundings, as well as the Basses-Laurentides region, for both residential and commercial cleaning.

*NEW SERVICE* Disinfection by electrostatic and probiotic spraying: We disinfect your environment amidst a health crisis.

Call on us to clean up the graffiti that appears on the outside walls of your home or business.

Contact us to clean your elevator pit, as regular maintenance helps its good functioning.

For high pressure cleaning in the Greater Montreal area and its surroundings, as well as the Basses-Laurentides region, trust Nettoyage Bien-Net!

Our services

Attestations and

Nettoyage Bien-Net focuses on keeping its practises up to date. We have several attestations and certifications: CPEEP, CNESST, IICRC, Academy Select and commercial insurance.

Parity Committee for the Building Services
Water damage certification
Graffiti removal certification Academy Select
Commercial insurance