The neglect of garbage chute maintenance can lead to problems such as foul odors and the accumulation of dirt, creating an environment conducive to the breeding of cockroaches and other insects. Additionally, this dirt accumulation can damage the paint on the walls, the floors of the chutes, around the doors, and in the garbage room.

To prevent these issues, regular maintenance is essential to extend the lifespan of your garbage chutes and maintain cleanliness in common areas.

The Nettoyage Bien-Net team ensures that your garbage chutes stay clean and in compliance with various health and hygiene regulations. The products and degreasers we use are eco-friendly, boasting eco-logo certification and meeting the environmentally friendly choice standards according to CCD-115. Our cleaning services cover not only the garbage chutes but also the chute doors, garbage rooms, waste compactors, waste containers, and bins.

Our teams serve the greater Montreal area and the Lower Laurentians. Contact us today!