In the midst of a health crisis (COVID-19), your environment deserves an even and in-depth cleaning that reaches every corner. Disinfection by electrostatic and probiotic spraying cleans, protects and makes for a healthier environment.

Our company now provides a service of disinfection by electrostatic and probiotic spraying. The electrostatic technology allows us to reach every nook of the most complex surfaces.

Disinfection by electrostatic and probiotic spraying is done in 3 steps:

  1. Disinfecting by spraying with the Super Net 1/10 disinfectant
  2. Rinsing the equipment
  3. Applying the protective probiotic solution PolVita® for spraying on every complex surface

During the first disinfection step, our qualified team uses a powerful cleaning agent with disinfectant, sanitizing, fungicide and virucide properties of premium quality.

Once the disinfection is completed, our experts rinse and prepare our equipment to receive the probiotic protective solution for spraying on every complex surface.


About PolVita®

PolVita® is an enzymes- and probiotics-based cleaning and protective product that breaks down dirt and soil. The enzymes and probiotics are used as a replacement to pure chemical substances used in traditional cleaning products. Once sprayed, PolVita® covers your surfaces to create a natural protective microflora.


The disinfection by electrostatic and probiotic spraying service is fast and works for every field of operations, such as:

  • Public spaces with large numbers of people (airports, train stations, etc.)
  • Facilities with specific needs for people’s well-being, such as hospitals, hotels, wellness centres, etc.
  • Companies that have the health of their employees at heart

To cater to your needs, our teams travel to Montreal and its surrounding areas, as well as the Basses-Laurentides region. Contact us for a deep-cleaning service for your environment.

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